Keeping Your Tattoo Hydrated

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Do you plan to get a tattoo? Or just had one?
A tattoo can be one of the greatest forms of self-expression. Whichever you choose to be drawn on your skin, you will carry it for life. There is also the experience during the tattooing and can be a memory that you’ll remember every time you see it. Now, people will tell you that getting a tattoo involves pain, especially if it’s your first time. After all, your skin will be wounded. What most people forget to say about getting a tattoo, though, is the meticulous aftercare. There are things you should do so that you prevent problems and make sure your tattoo will end up looking as beautiful as it’s meant to be.
As mentioned, your tattoo is basically a wound. So, you should allow it to heal. This would be the first thing for the aftercare. You won’t have to think about this much. Provided that you got your tattoo from a professional artist, he/she will give you instructions regarding the healing of your tattoo. These instructions usually include proper bandaging, cleaning, and drying your tattoo.
One of the things involved in the aftercare of tattoos is keeping it hydrated. You have to keep in mind that “hydrated” doesn’t mean “wet”. After you clean your tattoo, you have to dab it dry with a clean towel. Hydrating involves applying some cream or lotion to the tattooed area.
Why is it important to keep your tattoo hydrated? Moisturizing your tattoo will help ensure that its detail and color will last long. Thus, your tattoo will look its best longer. Also, adequate moisture will keep the tattoo from forming a scab. Scab can mess up the tattoo, especially the color.
There is a wide selection of products that you can choose from for moisturizing your tattoo. Moisturizing creams, antibiotic ointments, tattoo lotions, and the like may be used to keep your tattoo hydrated. Your tattoo artist would probably recommend products for you to use.
Whichever product you choose, there are things you should follow for the application:
• Before applying lotion or cream, make sure to wash your hands. Better yet, disinfect it. Then, dry your hands. With your fingers clean and dry, take a small amount of lotion or cream and rub it into your tattoo.
• After you apply, there might be some excess lotion or cream. Wipe it off with a clean cloth. Excessive moisturizer would be equally bad as not applying moisturizer at all.
• After hydrating, do not cover with bandages so that it gets some air.
• Throughout the day, reapply the moisturizer several times. Do this especially when you feel that it is dry.
Side by side with hydrating, you should remember to protect your tattoo from the sun. When it’s new, do not expose it to the sun at all. After it is fully healed, always use some sun block before heading out.
One of the products you can use for moisturizing your tattoo is the Defining Gel by It Works Global. This is your best bet since it is made of natural ingredients. It doesn’t only preserve color for new tattoos, but can also renew color in old ones.

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